Home Staging – 5 Ways To Make An Entrance
Home Staging – 5 Ways To Make An Entrance

Home Staging – 5 Ways To Make An Entrance

Did you know that buyers typically make up their minds about a home within the first ten seconds? This means that when they are approaching the entrance their clock has already started ticking!

Entryways give people their very first glimpse of a home and into it’s story . . . has it been loved and well cared for by the people who lived there ? Does it have a warm and welcoming feeling which will draw people in, enticing them to see more? This is a very important question to ask. If it doesn’t . . . it will cause them to turn and walk away. Look at the home closely through “buyers eyes”. What is the story telling you? Waterhog Masterpiece mats

The following are 5 ways to make an entrance that says welcome:

* A fresh coat of high gloss paint or varnish will do wonders for an old tired door. When selecting paint there are two basic considerations, color and finish. Pick a color that will accent the exterior colors of the home and represent the message you want to convey, i.e. red for exciting, black for elegance. When considering which finish might be best remember that matte or flat finishes will help to hide imperfections. Glossier finishes will reflect light.

* Colorful plants and flowers surrounding the front door, in attractive pots of various sizes, are always a nice way to greet your guests. Make sure that the style of the containers are in keeping with the style of the home. For instance, urns say ‘traditional’ while clay pottery screams ‘casual’.

* Have you checked your entry mat lately? Is it saying “welcome”, or is it saying replace me? This is an item that is too often overlooked. And P.S. – stay with the simple, traditional mat. This is not the place to be trendy!

* What about hardware? Is the style appropriate for the architectural style of the home? Does it need to be replaced with an updated finish? Is anything loose fitting?

* Proper lighting is critical for the entrance of a home. Again, is the style of the fixture compatible with the home? Is the brass pitted, or paint peeling off? Is the size in proportion, visually in balance with the door?

Remember, having a beautifully staged entryway that is warm and inviting is the necessary first step in enticing your buyer to want to see more of what the home has to offer!

Jeannene Edwards, owner of Interiors Defined, Inc. is a professional home stager and licensed interior designer in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her interior design and home staging services, Jeannene has merged with David Edwards Construction, a division of Interiors Defined, Inc., enabling them to now offer complete archtectural design and building services to further meet the needs of their clientel. Jeannene is a notable speaker known for her exciting and informative seminars. Her award winning designs and ‘how-to’ articles have been widely published in newspapers, magazines and trade manuals nationally.

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